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Jackrabbit is great for any gym, studio or school providing classes for tuition. To learn more or start a 30 day free trial, select any of the following platforms that best fits your business needs.

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Gymnastics Management Software

Jackrabbit's leading online class management software delivers an unparalleled combination of speed, reliability and smart customer-focused solutions.

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Dance Studio Management Software

Streamline your studio operations by eliminating paperwork and giving your families the convenience they crave.

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Cheer Gym Management Software

Rely on Jackrabbit's online class management software to streamline operations, improve productivity and strengthen customer relationships.

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Swim School Management Software

Jackrabbit optimizes efficiency and function for your swim school. Online registration and the customer portal saves your staff time and parents love it.

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Care Management Software

Jackrabbit helps keep your business organized from student records to attendance to billing. This feature rich software will help keep you organized while saving time and money. Spend time doing things you love while Jackrabbit works for you.

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Music School Management Software

Jackrabbit's fast, secure and intuitive online class management software gives you time to build your business—and helps your students achieve their dreams.

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Class Management Software

For any activity, from art to drama classes, or even learning centers, you can run your business and elevate the level of service you provide to customers with Jackrabbit's online class management software.

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